Remote control garage door

What This project’s goal is to open a garage door.

Why When we moved to this house the landlord didn’t give us any remote garage openers. Instead of telling everyone buying a garage opener themselves, me, being cheap, decided to just get one and make it accessible from the internet.

How There was two stages to this project. I first though of a prototype which is nonintrusive to the existing equipments in the house. -V1 This version of the project consists of: Hardware - 1 x Raspberry Pi - 1 x simple SG90 Servo motor - 1 x 3d printed base - 1 x remote garage opener Software - Raspbian - Node-red - UI node - Servo node - Twilio Service -V2 This version of the project consists of: - 1 x ESP8266 - 1 x relay module - wires, i used 24 awg -Twilio

Pi flow UI

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